and teaching programs 

ESAIL’s mission is centred around the following principles:

  • Develop work skills and methods valued in the business world.
  • Develop intellectual openness: inquisitiveness, research skills, sense of initiative and independent thinking.
  • Develop students’ personalities, a fundamental part of this type of education.
  • Develop students’ ability to adapt and respond to changes.
  • Promote students’ understanding of the business world and help them embark on their careers.


Teaching methods and resources used

  • Class sizes are limited to 20 students to guarantee that all students gets individual attention.
  • Emphasis on tutoring for degree projects.
  • A large number of speakers throughout the project part of the curriculum to promote open-mindedness in the discipline and the development of individual personalities.
  • Documentary and bibliographic resources with the development of technology-enhanced learning tools: Internet access, subscription to the materials library, e-campus and email.
  • Use of publications and exhibitions to showcase students’ work.
  • A strong relationship with the professional world and local institutions: list of companies offering internships, alumni magazine, creation of partnerships, etc.