About Us

Our campus in Lyon

ESAIL was founded in 1984 by Jean Cottin, a registered architect (DPLG) and a former student of noted architect and city planner Tony Garnier. Its first home was the former Vaise fort, in Lyon. To accommodate the steady rise in enrolment, the school was moved in 2004 to its current home at 7-9 rue Jean Marie Leclair, in Lyon’s 9th district. The main building houses 17 higher-education establishments that share its facilities:


Equipements available for students


Located in the main building, the library carries printed books and periodicals in a wide range of subjects and has a media centre complete with Internet access and a materials library. Its staff are on hand to advise and assist students in finding the resources they need.

IT Resources

In addition to the building’s many computer labs, ESAIL students have their own computer lab.

Freely accessible outside of normal class times, the lab has workstations that run CADD software (AutoCAD, Allplan, Artlantis, Photoshop, Cinema4D) and a colour printer (A4, A3, and A2 size documents).

The lab also has Internet access and each student is provided with their own email address.

Main lecture hall

The main lecture hall seats 300 people and is used to host the ESAIL’s key conferences and events.

Special-purpose rooms

ESAIL students have access to special-purpose rooms equipped with video projectors, drawing boards, easels, areas for storing projects, and a scale-model room equipped with a laser cutter.


The building has a cafeteria that serves light meals and snacks